EtO Sterilization

Sterile Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. provides validated EtO sterilization service to medical devices manufacturers with products range from syringe injections, catheters, medical gowns and more.

EtO sterilization is most suitable process for heat and/or moisture sensitive medical products and it has been used over 70% of total sterilizations, and 50% of all disposable medical devices.


a) With use of a vacuum-based process, the Ethylene Oxide (EtO) can efficiently penetrate well and moving through paper, cloth and some plastic films.

b) Can kill most viruses, bacteria and fungi, including bacterial spores.

c) No damaging effects on materials in particular thermolabile plastic, elastomer polymeric materials and most electronic devices and biomaterials, even with repeated use.


The process also requires a period of post-sterilization aeration to remove toxic residues.

EtO Treatment

Sterile Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. provides EtO treatment on Non-Medical products such as Cosmetic, Plastic Container, and Biomedical Test Consumables to reduce the number of microorganisms.

a) Eye Shadows and Mascaras

b) Eye Liners, Eyebrow pencils

c) Plastic device used by Clean Room

d) Packaging material

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